Steadfast is a Mother’s Love; Remembering a very special Blue Star Mom

May 13, 2012, a day we honor Mothers. We, all of us Bowe Supporters, send thoughts of caring and love to one very special Blue Star Mother, Jani Bergdahl. 

Jani, we wish that we could give you the Mother’s Day gift you want more than anything, your son safe in your arms.  If anything is true this is: we, all of us across America, will do everything in our power to assure that this is the last year you will spend Mother’s Day without your son.  May God Bless you and your family every day and with that special day when Bowe returns home.

A Son

A son is a son
wherever he roams
no matter how far
or the years that have flown.

He may test the darkness
to challenge the unknown,
yet he’ll never be less
than your beloved son.

He may take your soul with him
from sea to sea;
but the child of your heart
he will ever be.

Doesn’t matter the distance
or trials he may know,
he is always ‘your son’
wherever he goes.

~ Carolyn Brunelle