2 comments on “Senator Discusses Bowe Bergdahl With National Intelligence Directors (VIDEO)

  1. Diane M. Hartzell says:

    Jay Carney announced negotiations for Bowe’s freedom, then hedged, and it got confusing (2-18-14 Bellingham radio station). Five Taliban commanders were mentioned (those were requested by his captors several weeks ago), are held at Gitmo, would be exchanged for Bowe. The USA can do this! and be proud for standing up for our citizen and soldier….. President Obama would become a hero by bringing Bowe home. Some say this would be weakness, but the country is very strong. We can afford to negotiate now, and give the captors what they want. It will be well worth it.

  2. Trevor David Hitchin Kaufman says:


    You will read this from the comfort of your home/family in Idaho. Again, you WILL read this from home…one day very soon. They placed 11 massive digital screens up w your honorable picture. ‘Bring Bowe Home’ they say….I was pleased. Idaho….and our other 49 brotherly/sisterly States are massively turning up the pledge to locate you and do what is needed for your immediate release….warriors like you are reuniting…worldwide.

    I feel your release is imminent. ..perhaps 3-7 away. Keep eating whatever they serve….your safe return to Idaho is spirit’s will….so it will be done. Just bresthe on….and get your casting arm in shape…cutties…browns…and rainbows…..THIS Spring. Today…NOT tomorrow.

    Thank you to Bowe’s captors…his safe return to Mt. Home AFB is appreciated. The fog of war has been lifted. Godbless. 777

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