SGT Bowe Bergdahl: 173 weeks captive

Today is BOWE TUESDAY 173.  SGT Bowe Bergdahl has been held captive by enemies of America for 3 years, 3 months and 2 days; 173 weeks.

One can only imagine what life is like for Bowe. Another winter has begun and surely he wonders if he will ever make it back home. And he certainly must wonder if he’s been forgotten and prays that he hasn’t.  When we try to imagine ourselves in Bowe’s situation, we realize that it is impossible to understand the depths of Bowe’s fear and desperation.

The following poem is by Robert Densmore.   Robert served in Afghanistan.  As you read it, consider how it could help one to understand more clearly Bowe’s experiences as an American soldier in Afghanistan.

A taste of Afghanistan

City sand has its own taste
Not the country’s dust,
But darker.
It’s stronger – bitter parts
Under infantry foot.
Under 500 years going and coming.
Kipling’s finest up and over –
Through the pass,
Through the places where soldiers stood
In stolid white snow.
Cemeteries in the pass where Alexander’s own
Fell on the square rocks.
Paved with smoothed over river rock,
This open grave – white, bare.

Kabul sand polishes everyone’s edges.
Tajiks sharp on the cusp
And Northern Alliance coming down
Hard in the fray.
They all want each other’s throats.
Their wives lost in the fight –
Save for pointed heels and
Gold bangled over fine red henna.

Eastern sand and southern sand,
Pakistan sand crooked as broken teeth,
Herati sand pure and rising to the top.
Nothing mixes and there is no space in between.
If God loved this place he doesn’t now.
If He breathed in the brass bullet casings
And the diesel air and spiteful prayers.
A place for lust and dirty children
And the things night can hide.

What things grown men can hide-
In the dark corners of their own children’s rooms.
In the big shadows of a capital with no master and no disciple.
No scope for all things to come together
The sand and the dust and the dirt that makes things grow-
When it is left alone.

But we’ve put our fingers in it
And the stirring and stamping won’t leave
Much for the growing.
Dust bowls and cyclone air will take the rest.
Every village is filled with it now –
Dust from our bombs and inside our APCs.
Dirt scrubbed from our rifle actions
And ground into our sweaty palms like Mississippi silt.

And still nothing grows.
I’ve taken a knee in seventeen villages –
On street corners and broken down roundabouts,
On highways and in shattered homes.
On helo pads and plywood chapel steps,
On the backs of dead men-
And screaming vile women.

They will, all of them, bend or break –
It is either them or me.
It’s either winning or losing
And putting in its place
What does not belong,
Sand of a different taste and hue
That cannot tell me it is sorry.

                 ~ Robert Densmore, 2009

4 comments on “SGT Bowe Bergdahl: 173 weeks captive

  1. I came across Bowe’s profile on Twitter, just a few days ago and immediately there was a brokeness in my heart for Bowe Bergdahl. A day before that I had heard a roar of persecution in the spirit. I believe the Lord wants us to raise our voice for him. So I join Bowe’s family, friends and comrades in praying for Bowe that God will make a way for Bowe to come back home well. I Pray today that Bowe is strengthened in his inner man. That all our prayers will open the flood gates of heaven for Bowe and his family. We thank you Lord in advance for bring Bowe home, Amen.

  2. Patricia Cox says:

    Has anyone been given proof of life yet? It was my understanding that they didn’t keep prisoners at all. However, I hope that I’m wrong and that this young man will be home with his family very soon. My prayers are with the family.

  3. Timothy Allen Monroe says:

    Praying for Bowe Bergdahl’s Family and that Bowe Bergdahl will be released from his exile and captivity and be returned to the United States.

  4. We are praying for Bowe and for all of his loved ones, friends, and those like us who do not personally know him, but appreciate the sacrifice he has and is making for us to know liberty. Freedom truly is not free. Thank God for Bowe and ask God to bring Bowe home, please. Everyone help!!!

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