Courage of the Father for Courage of the Son

A son learns many things from his father.  Among the things he learns is courage.  And this courage is not only that which conquers fear.  It is also the courage to be true to oneself and to one’s own inner compass that is the guide as to what is right and what is wrong.  

Today, as we honor all fathers for Father’s Day, we say a special prayer for Bob Bergdahl.  We are inspired by the courage he has shown in his fight to bring Bowe home.  We know, and can see, that his son has learned to be courageous by this same inspiration.

In remembrance of this day, we share with you a little poem about a son learning to be brave.

Father, Son.

The boy watched the ghosts
on the far side of the valley.
There under the black hill. He
stood by the farm gate and
watched. He was his father’s
son, a brave boy. But his
courage failed. He thought
about his father who he
revered. What would he do?
Should he tell his father?
There are ghosts. I’ve seen
them. They flicker and dance

about down there – and I am
so scared. His father had told
him: I believe what I can see
and touch, in what others proved
by bravery, by hard work.

Hard work. And so this was
hard; to go down there in
the dark, down to the river, under
the black hill. The boy set off.
A last look at the house where
his mother read him stories,
where his father ruled the roost
with his clear sight. It rode like
a ship in the night. He headed

for those shifting lights, chill in
the dark, stumbling over clods,
pants soaked by the drag of
lucerne. I can see him still.
When he got to the pigs, heard
them rooting, snuffling – content
in their sty – he almost turned.
He pushed on though, on trembling
legs, heart pounding fast enough
to die. And so he came to where
the ghosts danced – in triumph
ruled. They triumphed round him,

this clear-eyed son. He looked
around. A mile away cars swung
out at the junction, their sweeping
lights touching river mist. Joy.
He could go home. He could go
home, holding his dad’s hand.

                                                       by John Garth Raubenheimer

6 comments on “Courage of the Father for Courage of the Son

  1. Alka says:

    I am another miatrliy mom, a Blue Star Mother. My daughter was 22 years old during her first Iraq deployment when her Army Reserve Combat Engineering Battalion deployed to Iraq 2003/2004. I pray every day for you, your mom and all of your loved ones that you feel the prayers of hope, strength, survival and peace and knowing that you are so very much NOT FORGOTTEN. I pray you feel the presence and peace of God with you every minute of your captivity. I pray that your mom feels the strength and knowing that other miatrliy moms are surrounding her with via prayer. I pray for you and all of your loved ones that those powerful emotions of being reunited begin to stir in your and their hearts and minds and that they carry you forward to that day of reuniting that so many of Americans YOU can be proud of are praying for. God speed for your day of reuniting with your loved ones, God speed soldier!!

  2. James Wasson says:

    Bowe Bergdahl is the sole remaining POW in Afghanistan/Iraq. On April 13, 2003 our forces went in and rescued 3 POW’s from Ft. Bliss. WHY HASN’T BOWE BEEN RESCUED? We can find a man in a hole in the ground, we can find a man living in a town surrounded by his own people…but we can’t find Idaho native Bowe Amongst all those sand fleas????? Come on Mr. President…..go find him like you did Osama and you just might get re-elected……Bring Bowe Home!!!!

  3. Magi Newman says:

    I started a project called “Take Bowe Where He Cannot Go And Tell His Story”. I carry a framed 8×10 photo of Bowe with the date he was captured. I take him to the store, to restaurants, to work, to events; everywhere I go, Bowe goes with me. I am over whelmed by how many people ask me, “Is this your Son”?….”Who is he”? etc. I then tell his story and ask for help to spread the word about his plight. I launched the project with Rolling Thunder Chapter 5 MI at their June meeting and it is spreading like wild fire. Until he is home….God speed.

  4. Venay Money says:

    My heart goes out to everyone concerning Bowe. We live on the Olympic Peninsula and have a very large Veteran’s community. You can rest assured that this information is going out to every Veteran’s organization in the area. On June 30th, we will be helping with a car wash and bake sale to help raise funds for what ever is needed. I only wish we would have heard about this much earlier.
    Our organizations will do whatever we can to make sure that everyone is aware of this since the media does not seem to do it.
    Loyally and with love,
    Venay Money
    President VFW Ladies Aux. 1024
    Port Angeles, Wash.

  5. Steve Bush says:

    Our prayers r with u and for u

  6. Bob Bergdhal without a doubt gets the superman cape, award etc for the most Courageous father I have heard of in a very long time.So does his Mother.It is reflected in Bowe from all I have seen and read.Lets hope as 6/30/12 draws closer Bowe comes home and neither of them EVER spends another DAY PERIOD with out their son.I pray and think of them all daily as I proudly wear my yellow braclet and spread the word anyway I can.

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